"For over two decades, Special Investigations of Washington has been a top choice of law firms specializing in and focusing on civil cases. Additionally, we have worked on intellectual property investigations for several large fortune 500 companies. We have expertise in utilizing computers as an investigative tool and employ many of the leading edge technologies that have emerged. Our surveillance assets are state of the art.”
Sarah Rutherford
There are very few private investigative firms that can boast of having a Social Media Detective. Determined, inventive, reliable, a social media expert in Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter, and other social media networks, Sarah Rutherford can find people others cannot. She has been involved since the beginning in pioneering the investigative process in social media.

A “natural” with over 15 years Investigative experience, Sarah is a third generation Investigator who grew up in the business. She is an expert, experienced Process Server. Her disarming nature coupled with a keen eye for finding the “right” person, Sarah can deliver your service when others cannot.

“I like helping people to get the answers they need. I can bring a solution to the situation and ease the discomfort of “not knowing.” I will get to the truth of the issue and discover the information my client needs if it’s there. I am committed to making a difference.”
Roy Rutherford
"In 1994, I opened Special Investigations of Washington after a career in law enforcement. As a former Deputy Sheriff in Pierce County, I was promoted to the Special Investigations Unit and later a Federal Task Force investigating RICO and money laundering cases. My experience is substantial at local, state and federal court levels and has provided me the opportunity to develop and maintain strong working relationships with a variety of law enforcement and other investigative agencies."

"I have formally instructed skip tracing techniques and computer use in investigations to classes at the Washington State Police Academy, state court employees, the Pacific Northwest License, Tax and Fraud Association, and several colleges."

“My goal is ‘to get the job done.’ I personally evaluate every investigation to see how we can be most successful for our client. I take pride that our agency is flexible, innovative and nimble enough to take on complex and unique challenges, while maintaining high quality, personal client services.”