Civil & Criminal Investigations

Special Investigations of Washington can professionally assist you in case preparation by using our years of experience, contacts and resources. The information we can provide you may tip the scales of justice in your favor. We are experts in locating witnesses or clients, interview techniques, police procedure, surveillance, and photography. We excel in traditional and non-traditional investigations and assignments. Special Investigations of Washington offers your firm reasonably priced, accurate and understandable investigative services.
Process Service

Special Investigations of Washington professional and experienced Process Servers use state of the art equipment and techniques to assure that your legal documents are quickly and effectively served. If you need to locate someone for Service of Process we have effective and accurate resources for resolving old addresses, telephone numbers, names or any other type of information related to the person you seek. We get the job done!
Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery searches include 
discovery of information an individual may be associated with including: 

Real Property • Vehicles • Aircraft Ownership
• Boat / Vessel Ownership • Bankruptcies
•  Liens & Judgments • Civil and Domestic Litigation • Address History • Demographic Identifiers • Business Credit Reports
• Business Licenses • Corporate Affiliations
• Uniform Commercial Code History  
Skip Tracing

Special Investigations of Washington has provided our clients with over an eighty per cent success rate in skip tracing locally and nationally. Are you missing a client, a witness or a defendant? Our social media skills, resources and experience are among the best in the industry. The majority of our clients are law firms in the Puget Sound region. If you're looking for a missing client, a missing heir, a defendant, witness or debtor, our experience and "hands on approach" to skip tracing results in accurate and reasonably priced skips. Each Trace is tailored to fit the particular circumstances.

Our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of the latest, high tech and state of the art covert surveillance systems. Our vast array of equipment ranges from standard digital still and video cameras, to miniature, virtually undetectable, high definition digital video cameras (including infra-red night vision cameras) hidden inside common, everyday items such as wrist watches, pagers and articles of clothing, smoke detectors, heating vents, pictures, televisions, birdhouses and many other “covers". We can get the shots you need, even indoors and other difficult locations. 
Adoption / Missing Persons / Heir locates

We have been frequently asked to locate birthparents or children given up for adoption. While we have a very high success rate in these type of searches, our experience has shown there can be many emotional issues which accompany this type of search. Some of these investigations involve finding someone that does not want to be found. However, we can also assist in routine locate investigations. Sometimes you just need to get a phone number for an old acquaintance, or have lost contact with a family member, or want to know more about your family tree. We can help.